Rebecca is a member of International Screenwriters' Association. She's served as the Vice President of the Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum since 2010.  She also has credits as Executive Producer and Producer of short films.

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"Wrong Number Right Day" - Short Romantic Comedy script 
WINNER - 2015 Project Famous Short Screenplay Competition
Produced by Project Famous Films, Release Date: April 2017
Logline: Two men, a wrong number, a lasagna, and chance encounter.

"Songbird" - Music Inspired feature script       
TOP 6 FINALS - Music Inspired Category - 2016 Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition
TOP 6 FINALS - Music Inspired Category - 2015 Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition
TOP 5% - SEMI FINALS - 2014 ScreenCraft Fellowship Competition
Logline: An young white songstress confides in a Black woman unaware her mother killed the woman's son.

"Because You Can" - Short Dramedy script, co-writer with Darla Phillips
SEMI FINALIST - 2017 Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Short Script
SEMI FINALIST - 2018 Stage 32 TV Screenplay Competition, 30 minute original Pilot

"A Goat Named Glory" - Christmas Faith-based family feature
SEMI-FINALIST - 2018 Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Family Feature script
Logline: Spunky eleven year old wants to save her family farm from foreclosure, gets help from Grandma and a wise and holy goat.

"Holster" - Short Dramedy script 
FINALIST - 2016 LivingStorm Productions Short Screenplay Competition
QUARTERFINALIST - 2017 WeScreenplay Short Screenplay Competition
Logline: A divorced dad is reacquainted with his weapon of choice.

"Caller #101" - Short Thriller script
FINALIST - 2013 Kansas City Women In Film & Television International Short Screenplay Competition
Logline: One man and one woman each with an intended goal, before it's too late.

"The Lifeguard" current title: "The Big Splash" - Romantic Comedy script
FINALIST - 2009 Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum Contest
Logline:  Thirty year old lifeguard is forced back to school where he gets the hots for teacher and reignites his fate.

"Ready Set Fly" - Animated Family feature script
FINALIST - 2006 Buffalo/Niagara Film Festival - Family Feature Screenplay Competition
QUARTER-FINALS - 2014 ScreenCraft Family Friendly Screenplay Competition
Logline:  One flock of geese has to teach a flabby flock to fly south before the town's notorious hunter comes for them.

"No Ordinary Weekend" - Ensemble Comedy script - Inspired by Actual Events
Logline:  A jilted famous author, a suicidal lieutenant, two crazy brides, a NY literary agent, a wanted criminal, flunky hotel staff and dogs dancing in sequin trapped together for one unforgettable weekend. 

"Martin & Marie's House" - Animated TV series for Preschoolers
Logline: Two friends, Martin and Marie, live with their kind and gentle owner inside Grandma Mable's Pet Sitter cottage. They encounter adventures with animal friends and gain knowledge from the mystical tablet.

"The Reunion" - Ensemble short script for Seniors, co-writer
Logline:  Members of the Class of 1961 bond together to encourage a friend who helped shape their lives.

"Flapjack" - Family Feature script

"Son of the Seed" - Querky Cosmic Comedy, short script 
IN PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT- filming FALL 2018 with RS Digital Media