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Final book in the “Tale of Two Sisters” series June 2013

2013 Tofte/Wright Children’s Literature Award

“Sometimes you don’t realize what you have until you lose it. In Moving Out and Moving On, authors Rebecca and Madelyn move deftly between two points of view: younger sister Liz, who’s navigating the new challenges of middle school, including harder classes and more complicated friendships; and older sister Sara Jane, who’s discovering that college isn’t quite what she imagined it would be. With realistic, complex characters, well-drawn settings, and plenty of humor, Moving Out and Moving On is a charming look at the trials of growing up.”

– M. Molly Backes, Author, The Princesses of Iowa

“Sisters, we love them and love to hate them all at the same time. Liz’s world was finally perfect. Her parents, her farm, her freedom to have the perfect life free of her annoying, lazy, pain of sister of an older sister, Sara Jane. But as life would have it, circumstances challenge this spunky 12-year-old’s lifelong perception of the perfect, sister-free world. In this delightful story, two young ladies will discover just what the bond of sisterhood really means and how it will remain surprisingly important for the rest of their lives.”

– Laurie Wilson, Author, The Treasures of Destiny

When Sara Jane moves out for college, Liz is excited to have the house and her parents all to herself. Each of the McCormick sisters is eager to embark on their new separate lives. Sara Jane is busily preparing for graduation while Liz continues on the unpredictable path of middle school. Sara Jane deals with all the emotions that come with leaving her home, friends and town behind as she discovers what life is like in the dorms and on campus. Back at the farm, Liz takes on a favor that involves a daring and humorous wild ride with a very vocal baby chick named “Little Chief”. The sisters come to discover that being on their own isn’t as great as they thought it would be. They need to find a way to reconnect before their worlds turn even farther upside down.

You can read the first chapter HERE


Book 2 in the “Tale of Two Sisters” series April 2012

Nominated for 2012 Parents’ Choice Award – Fiction

Praises for the book:

“Recalling the likes of Beverly Cleary’s Beezus and Ramona, ‘Life According to Liz’ is a great story about the perils of sibling rivalry and middle school hijinks, peppered with humor and sisterly love. In a world full of fantastical beasts, it is refreshing to see two real sisters stumble into adolescence as they learn the meaning of family and the power of their bond.”

~Liz Ringstrom, Teen Librarian

“As the oldest of five sisters, I must say that Rebecca and Madelyn have captured the unique and complex relationship of sisters in a hilarious and extremely honest series.”

~ Melissa Peagler, Author, Lost Creek Saga

LIFE ACCORDING TO LIZ delves further into the life of 11-year-old Liz McCormick. Sixth grade is not starting off great for Liz. Her best friend, Veronica, ditches her to hang out with the popular kids, she humiliates herself at the big homecoming parade and to top it all off, she has to come home every day to her pain of a big sister, Sara Jane. How is it that two sisters can be so different?

Not only does Liz have school to worry about, but she also is preparing her unpredictable goat, Ginny for the 4-H Festival, and she discovers her parents are having financial difficulties. As her twelfth birthday draws nearer, Liz wonders how she is going to make it through the ever-changing world of home life and middle school.

Sixth grade continues, and Liz faces more challenges that come with growing up. She begins to realize that maybe boys aren’t so gross, that true friends are hard to find and that you can always count on family. As her tastes and priorities change along with everything else in her life, Liz discovers that becoming a teenager isn’t as bad as she thought, and maybe she and Sara Jane are more alike than they think.

Cover Art created by Pam Keaton.


Book 1 in the “Tale of Two Sisters” series May 2011

For Liz McCormick, life seems good; as long as she can avoid dealing with her self-centered teenage sister, Sara Jane. Liz and her family live on a small farm where she takes care of animals and helps her parents with the chores. Sara Jane is wrapped up in her social life, and is practically glued to her cell phone. When Liz’s parents go away for a weekend, they decide to leave Sara Jane in charge. Life takes a horrible turn for Liz, as Sara Jane becomes a great big pain! SARA JANE IS A PAIN depicts what life is like as experienced by eleven-year-old Lizzie McCormick. Liz is a tomboy who enjoys country life, being outdoors, and caring for her farm animals. Meanwhile, her big sister, Sara Jane, is a seventeen-year-old who is wrapped up in fashionable clothes, make-up, and texting her friends. The siblings differ greatly and despite their constant feuding, eventually they realize they share one common bond –sisterly love.

AUTHOR TRIVIA: How this book came to be. Madelyn was on summer break between her elementary and middle school year. With the transition to middle school, she was given a reading list from her soon-to-be 6th Language Arts teacher. Madelyn wasn't thrilled by any of the "trendy" books on the list and was bummed that were no books listed about girls like her, real girls going through real life issues. So with the encouragement of her mom, Madelyn set out to write her own realistic and humorous story about Liz (Madelyn is the voice of Liz and Veronica) and the older sister who drives her nuts! (Rebecca is the voice of Sara Jane and the parents.)

Cover Art created by Pam Keaton.

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